Production Guidelines

Production Guidelines

To guarantee the smooth production, please ensure that your project includes details on Project Ordering and Kitting. Additionally, for surface-mount projects, please supply the necessary PCB and CAD data where appropriate.

1.  Project Ordering Guidelines

Your purchase order must contain the following details:

2.  Kitting Guidelines

Please consider the following requirements while kitting consigned components:

3.  Gerber File Guidelines

Gerber Files

Gerber Files must contain solder mask files and paste layer files. These files are required to manufacture the stencil. If PCB's are palletized, we require the Gerber File for the palletized format.

Note: During the palletizing of PCB's, ensure the joints connecting the PCB to the pallet are strong enough to carry the weight when the PCB is fully loaded with components.

CAD Data

CAD Data must be in ASCII format and must contain reference designators (x,y) and the angle of rotation.

Our Automated SMT Placement Machine can handle PCB sizes ranging from 2" to 20" in width. Our Wave Solder Machine can accommodate PCB's up to 15" wide.

We prefer any PCB measuring less than 7" x 4" to be palletized.

Upon request, Surtek can help with PCB Palletizing.