Ball Grid Array

BGA & mBGA Installation

Surtek Industries Inc.'s automated assembly line includes the Panasonic BM133 and BM231, powerful surface-mount component placement machines well renowned for their all-visual recognition technology. Through the utilization of this system, we are able to rapidly integrate an astounding variety of components as well as connectors onto your PCBs. Fine-pitch ICs such as QFPs, PLCCs, and even BGAs are directly aligned with reliably high precision. Additionally, the automatic nozzle changing mechanism supports odd-shaped components which would otherwise have to be inefficiently hand-placed. In general, package sizes measuring as large as 25 mm high and 150 mm long are compatible with these machines.

1.  Panasonic BM133

When you're looking for highly productive, low cost per placement and exceptional quality - Panasonic's BM133 modular placement machines is the answer.

Panasonic's eight-nozzle independent vertical drive system ensures expansion of component gang pick-up and focused recognition scans; thereby, delivering reliable accuracy to 0.12 s/chip (30,000 cph). The integrated line scan sensor measures component thickness - administering consistent force and placement.

Placing components from 0603 chips to 32 x 32mm QFP and BGA chips, it's small footprint (1950 x 1710mm) and easy to use, interactive design make the BM133 a continuous quotient in any decision matrix.

Features & Benefits:
  • Speed
  • Low cost per placement
  • Wide component range
  • Reliable Accuracy
  • Wide component capability from 0603 chips to 32 x 32mm QFP and BGA chips on up to 18" x 20" board

2.  Panasonic BM231

Panasonic's BM231 modular high speed multi-functional placement machine boasts any volume and any mix capability by placing a wide array of components from 0603 microchips to BGA's, CSP's and connectors. Outstanding productivity is attained by uninterrupted operation and quick changeover. The BM231 is ideal for competitive manufacturing.

Excellent vibration control, a twin drive XY robot, a twin-tray integrated feeder supply, and rigid die cast frame supports provide highly accurate placement speeds of 0.25 s/chip.

The BM231 offers nonstop performance with tape splicing, motorized feeders and up to 120, 8mm feeders and 80 tray feeders.

Features & Benefits:
  • Economical solution for competitive manufacturing
  • Widest component range ensures continuous productivity
  • More feeder inputs than others - enabling fast changeover and larger common set-ups
  • Fast and accurate to maximize ROI - up to 14,400 CPH
  • Proven reliability based on common platform
  • Chip 50µm (Cp³1), QFP 30µm (Cp³1)
  • Easy, interactive operation


    Chip Components:
  • 1005 - 3216 Chips
  • Mini-type transistors
  • Mini Power-type transistors
  • Cylindrical chips
  • Tantalum capacitors
  • Aluminum electrolytic capacitors
  • Trimmer potentiometers
  • Trimmer capacitors
  • IFT coils
  • Film capacitors
  • Light-touch switches
  • QFPs
  • QFPs with bumpers
  • QFPs with fins
  • SOPs
  • SOJs
  • PLCCs
  • BGAs
  • Board to FPC
  • Board to Board
  • Board to Wire
  • PCMCIA Connectors