PCB Assembly Machine 1

PCB Assembly

Surtek Industries Inc's printed circuit assembly capabilities range from prototype, low volume boards to highly-complex, analog, digital and hybrid technologies.

We have extensive experience with Thru-Hole and SMT technology and techniques. As a result, we seamlessly integrating our systems with those of our customers to develop a manufacturing process. All machine programming is done in-house facilitating quick delivery of finished PCB assemblies and ease of modification for customer development projects. This approach adds value through reduced cost and ensured quality.

Our production line of advanced automated machines include:
  • Panasonic® BM133 System
  • PCB Assembly Machine 2
  • Panasonic® BM231
  • Panasonic® SMC Placement Machine
  • Quad IVC CS IC Placement Machine
  • Heller® Oven
  • Universal® Automated Thru-Hole Machine
  • Electrovert® Wave Solder Machine
  • Microtech® Jewel Box Real-time X-Ray Inspection System