Real-Time X-Ray Inspection

As integrated circuit technology miniaturizes and increases in complexity, sophisticated testing and rework equipment becomes essential to the fabrication of quality products. At Surtek Industries Inc., we incorporate the state-of-the-art Microtech Jewel Box X-ray examination system. Designed by Glenbrook Technologies, our inspectors can analyze solder joints and bonds inside advanced IC packages such as BGAs where visual inspection is impossible.

The 10 micron (focal spot) x-ray source allows unparalleled image quality. The resolution clearly shows 100 line pairs/mm, and the range of magnification is configurable from 15x to 500x. Since a 5-axis control system with a 360° rotation and tilt governs the viewing module, an enormous number of perspectives surrounding the site are examined. Moreover, this inspection process can not only inspect electronic assemblies, but also scrutinize soft materials such as modeled plastics and encapsulants.