Products & Services

The services Surtek Industries Inc. provide include partial and full turn-key solutions to electronic-product manufacturing. Our in-house facility, equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing equipment, can accomodate a broad range of project specifications. As well, from start to finish, our fully-trained and knowledgeable staff will offer solutions to optimize the building of your project.

Our Services


The world is ever changing, and every industry must adapt to these changes—especially in electronics.  At Surtek, we deeply understand this need and always collaborate

PCB Assembly

At Surtek, our Printed Circuit Board assembly capabilities range from a high mix of prototypes to low, medium, and high volume, highly complex boards.

Control Panels

Chassis wiring of electrical sub-systems is completed by qualified, skilled technicians. If your requirements include control panels, consoles or other sub-assemblies, Surtek Industries Inc.


Surtek Industries Inc. specializes in the production of high quality custom and standard cable assemblies at very competitive prices. We carry a large inventory of wire and a wide variety of tooling

Selective Soldering

With an increase in industry-wide demands for throughput and efficiency, Surtek complements its through-hole assembly with selective soldering. For our medium-to-high volume customers,

Conformal Coating

Surtek performs all conformal coating in house. Our experienced staff is well trained on different conformal coating applications, specifically designed to protect your PCBAs in rigid and rough environments.

SMT BGA & mBGA Installation

In a world where every industry is powered by electronics, from life-saving medical devices to handheld consumer products, Printed Circuit Boards lay the foundation for its needs.

Real-Time X-Ray Inspection

As integrated circuit technology miniaturizes and increases in complexity, sophisticated testing and rework equipment becomes essential to the fabrication of quality products.

Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)

At Surtek, The MV-3 OMNI provides a 3D inspection for many faults and defects (Solder bridging, polarity, etc.) to ensure that every product is manufactured with high consistency and reliability.